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Testimonial from Dionbria mother.
 Dionbria (Dee Dee) Morrison gave so other children may have sight.

 Dionbria (Dee Dee) Morrison died from cancer just two weeks before her fourth birthday.  She was born with malignant tumors on both of her kidneys.  By the time she was three and a half years old, both of her kidneys had been removed due to the tumor growth.  Unfortunately the cancer had spread to her lungs.  Dee Dee was on dialysis for the last six months of her life.   After she died her mother didn't hesitate to donate her corneas to the tissue bank.  Soon after, she received a letter letting her know that two children had benefited from Dee Dee's corneas.   This is the kind of unselfishness that we all need to practice so others may live or have a better quality of life.  We as African Americans must educate ourselves concerning organ donation and learn more about how we can help.

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